The BEST Global Liberal Meltdown Tweets Over Trump Schlonging the Paris treaty!!

OK, so liberals are absolutely imploding over Trump pulling us out of the Paris Climate Hoax Treaty. We tried to find the best tweets for you to peruse and laugh over – ENJOY!!

So heavy. That’s Alanis Morissette level-irony there.

Man Paul Ryan can’t catch a break – he’s a traitor to both sides! LOL!

Yes, GE CEO, that’s what we want. We don’t want government intervention, do it on your own. And if you become inefficient then someone else will replace you.

Elon Musk is headin’ for the hills!!

Baldwin knows – people have been shunning him for years.


This is great:

If it’s so insignificant, then why is everyone freaking out? Why are they saying the world will perish without it if it’s so impotent? LOL!!

Because raaaaacism!!

UH, the way this is headin, you better plan for at least eight, dimwit! LOL!

People of color hardest hit!! I feel it in my Mexican skin!!!

This is the best – watch this burn:

Here it comes:

Oh dayammmm….

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 1.36.29 PM

LOOK, even I, Trump critic that I am, have to admit this global liberal meltdown is amaaazing!! Thank you President Trump! #MAGA!! LOL!