Trumpstitutionalist Eric Bolling: We’re ‘Beyond’ The First Amendment Argument Now

I’ve been watching something very interesting happen on the Fox News shows. Very slowly, the supposed lovers of the Constitution are pushing Trump to move beyond the document.

Last night was a good example. Eric Bolling frames the debate over Kathy Griffin’s idiotic photo of Trump as a First Amendment issue, but not in a positive light.

Watch below:

You catch that? He says that because Barron Trump was hurt by the photo that we’re “beyond the First Amendment argument.”

So what is the principle here? If a member of the Trump family has their feelings hurt, we can suspend our constitutional protections?

Perhaps you think that’s an unfair exaggeration – but I’ve seen Sean Hannity appear to call for Trump to martial law in American cities, and either he or Bolling said Trump just needs to take over the legislature if they aren’t going to do his bidding. They frame as it “the will of the people” of course.

Ironically, Trump hasn’t been nearly as dictatorial or totalitarian as his critics said, but to be fair, it was based on Trump’s own words. That must be why Trump-humping cultists like Bolling and Hannity are so frustrated – Trump isn’t the totalitarian they really wanted him to be…

I’ll have to start documenting how Fox News Trump-humping cultists are pushing him towards totalitarianism – if you have any examples I missed, let me know.