Rep. Rohrabacher Says Trump’s Secret Strategy Is To Help ISIS

In a unbelievably stupid move, Dana Rohrabacher told the world that hey, maybe it’s President Trump’s secret plan to help ISIS so that they attack Iran with terror strikes!! And he thought it was be just fantastic if Trump supported ISIS.

That’s gonna make us popular in the Muslim world, huh? Watch below:

The panelists speaking at the Congressional Committee actually seem shocked that he would say such an obscenely stupid thing in public. Just imagine how this is going to play in the Muslim world, which is just as prone to conspiracy theory idiocy as we are. Here is the United States playing the noble hero, but behind the scenes, Trump is orchestrating terror attacks with the pig-dogs of ISIS!! Thanks Rohrabacher!!

Also, wasn’t this one of the conspiracy theories that WikiLeaks was supposed to expose Hillary on? Isn’t that amazing? We were all whipped up into a fury at the possibility of an evil horror on the part of Hillary that is now an incredible virtue if Trump does it.

I can’t think of a better story that exemplifies just how pathetically tribalistic politics has become.