SooooperPodcast #27I!! Surrogate Shenanigans and Brain Synapse Ray Guns!!

THis WEEK!! EL SOoper reads Trent Frank’s weird defense of his surrogate shenanigans with his staffers, toppling over like a crippled Eiffel Tower at the supermarket, Jess falsely accuses me of being sooper-Weinstein, which is not funny in the least, Patti LaBelle joins us for a Christmas medley, a bro tells us about asking out the prettiest girl at his high school. El Sooper also explains how to watch Fox News and still enjoy it, Hapax Legomenon gains a NEW NAME and then we promptly forget it, and we make fun of boomers (sorry boomer listeners, we didn’t mean you we meant like your friends and associates probably), and Jess goes over why a random UPS woman thinks she’s hoity toity. Also Conyers’ creepy threat to an intern that el Sooper will now use in his personal life. And SECOND WAVE TRUMPISM.

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Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy:  Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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