Maybe Hispanics voted against Democrats because you idiots kept calling us “Latinx”

I have been a Latino American of Mexican descent since before I can remember, and one of the dumber things I have seen in my life is how so many Americans, mostly white “woke” liberals, use the term “Latinx,” to refer to us.

Now that the election is coming to a close and Democrats are completely stunned that Trump increased his vote among Hispanics, maybe we should visit this recent development in how white liberals tell Hispanics what to think and what to say.

For those who need a primer, the term “Latinx” is supposed to replace “Latino” and “Latina” in order to be more inclusive of transgender Latinos and Latinos, and other gender designations as well.

But that is absolutely ludicrous.

Firstly, we don’t do that in English with any other ethnic group. We certainly don’t do it with African-Americans, or Asians, or anyone else. So why are Latinos targeted with this bizarre new designation? As far as I can tell it’s simply an accident of language. Because “Latino” is derived from Spanish, it has masculine and feminine versions. That’s it.

Secondly, polling shows that the VAST majority of Latinos do not accept this designation and they do not identify as Latinx at all. In a poll conducted by ThinkNow Research in 2019, only 2% of Hispanics in the United States preferred the “Latinx” designation to describe themselves. Keep in mind, ThinkNow is a left-wing group and they were dismayed when they saw the results.

To be fair, it was a small poll of only 500 U.S. Hispanics, and I would really love to see more polling on this issue from other, more objective organizations.

So why are so many national news outlets bamboozled into a phrase to describe U.S. Hispanics that they themselves do not prefer? I would venture to say that they are following the lead of the fringe far left progressive “woke” crowd screaming at them that they need to be more “inclusive.”

But if the term Latinx isn’t how U.S. Hispanics describe themselves, then how is it “inclusive” for white people to slap them with a term that they do not prefer?

Well, it isn’t. And it shows just how news outlets and other institutions aren’t actually listening to minority groups, they are listening to the loud fringe of progressive extremists who pretend they represent minorities, when they do not represent us and our interests at all.

Maybe that’s something that liberals and Democrats should think about as they consider how their “blue wave” crashed on the rocks of reality this election….