Hey John Leguizamo, maybe Latinos vote Republican because pendejo liberals like you insult us

Well here we go again. According to actor John Leguizamo, Hispanics who vote Republican are fooled by “trigger words” like socialism and communism and are fooled by GOP ads because we’re just not that “media savvy.”

Pretty incredible.

He made these comments on The View when the execrable Ana Navarro asked him to explain the Latino vote. Now, to his credit, his first comments weren’t incendiary at all. He basically said that Latinos were voting GOP because the Republicans were very simply seeking their vote, unlike the Democrats, who had taken them for granted. I have nothing to criticize there.

THEN Sunny Hostin interrupted and pushed the negative and decisive narrative that Republicans fooled Hispanics. That’s when he turned stupid and insulted Latinos.

His first response is at about the 1:40 minute mark, and the really bad response is at about the 2:40 minute mark.

Oof. I can’t speak for all Mexican-Americans, I can’t speak for all Hispanics, but I can say that for my part, one of the reasons I’ve always considered myself conservative is because of crap like this. John can’t conceive that someone like me might vote Republican because the party (generally) reflects the values that my parents raised me with. That includes hard work, self-reliance, belief in God, and respect for family and for my country.

Yes, of late, I’ve had many criticisms against the party when it has violated these values. But it’s absolutely absurd to try to claim that Hispanics are simply being scared into supporting the GOP because of “trigger words” and fear-mongering.

Maybe it’s that attitude of insulting Hispanics that has made so many wake up and figure out that the party of transgender genital mutilation, public school sexualization, anti-white racism, and disrespect of God is not the party that reflects what they believe in?

But hey John, keep insulting Latinos who think for themselves. If you know anything about Latinos, and especially Mexicans, the more you try to force us to do something, the more we do the opposite. Pendejo.