Trump supporters are still getting scammed by ‘Trump Bucks’ and trying to cash them at Bank of America

I didn’t really expect anyone to care that the elderly and the disabled, and I wasn’t disappointed in my prediction – no one really cares. In fact, people were upset at me for trying to sound the alarm about this insidious scam targeting gullible Trump supporters.

I posted about it here.

And also about a couple who tried to cash their Trump buck at a bank.

Well there are plenty more victims posting on Twitter:


Faith Jones from Missouri is very upset she poured money into the scam:


Laughed out of the lobby:

Shawn Whiteman said he put $1,500 into the scam:

Carole says she lost several thousand dollars in the scam.

As I have documented previously, it’s a huge scam on Telegram and gullible people are believing accounts pretending to be celebrities like Elon Musk:

Here’s one the embarrassingly dumb edited videos made to fool his supporters:

Who is falling for this stuff? Enough people that it’s worth continuing.

Here’s another very badly edited video scamming gullible people:

“Millions of dollars in payouts to Republicans.”

Apparently they’re just adding more costly hoops for people to jump through:

Very sad.