El Jefe Reid nos dice

Something really angered me about Harry Reid’s comments about not understanding how any Hispanic could vote for the Republican Party. A lot of Hispanics have exaggerated his comments.

It’s debatable whether the GOP or the Democrats have done more for Hispanics in themselves. I happen think that Republicans have done more because they treat Hispanics not as a separate racial group, but as human beings, equal to anyone else. But that’s beside the point. What bothers me is that he says he doesn’t understand how I, as a Hispanic, would choose to be Conservative.

It’s as if anyone who is Hispanic could not conceive of themselves apart from their race. Let me say this very clearly – I am NOT a Hispanic first and foremost, and despite my rather pointed blogname, I proclaim loudly that I am first and foremost, a man, secondly a Christian, thirdly an American, and only fourthly does my skin color or culture have any say in my being. This is also why I love the American founding and America generally…

America speaks to me as a human being, as a man. It grants me rights according to my most essential being – my character as a man. THIS is exactly what Martin Luther King Jr. referred to in his famous speech, one of the most eloquent and beautiful expressions of the ideals in the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution.

This is what disgusts me about Harry Reid’s comments. The Democrats will forever judge me first by my skin color. And if I don’t vote for them, it’ll be the last judgment they make.

Whether the GOP rejects or accepts me, it will be on the basis of the content of my character, and not because of my skin color. This is why I proudly vote for the party of Lincoln.

So, I wish to proclaim as loudly as I can to Harry Reid, Chupa mi verga, pinche pendejo!!