Obama’s Buses cost more than a Private Jet

So Obama has rolled out the “Magical Misery Tour” and has thrown all of America under the bus!

Folksy ain’t cheap, however! In fact, your government has shelled out $1.1 Million for the tour bus, and hey, while they were buying one, they went for the matching pair! (reported here)

It is perfectly reasonable for our Keynesian-in-chief to spend OUR tax money – after all, it would be very expensive for him to actually pay for his re-election campaign himself! In fact, it would have been cheaper if his campaign had bought one of those symbols of capitalist excess he loves to criticize so much – a private jet!

Here’s a nice one:

2001 white with Arista misty blue airstripes! This sweet little puppy goes for a cheap $1.75 million! Obama could have saved the taxpayer almost half a million dollars and still been a man of the people!

Now of course, Obama doesn’t need to buy a jet plane, he has Air Force One. The Republican Policy Committee outlines how Obama’s own energy policies have contributed to making either trip much more expensive.

Think of this – as he drives around in the buses we bought him, isn’t it just a tad disingenuous to whine about private jet owners, who actually have created jobs, while wasting more taxpayer money than it does to buy a private jet, in order to promise that he’ll create jobs he’s failed to create already?

Then again, that’s probably racist.

Air Force SWANK!

mock poster courtesy of: George Murphy Productions!

The Commie Caravan! courtesy of “Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty”