NYPD Evicts Occupy Wall Street

Some screencaps, commentary and quotes from the NYPD ‘evicting’ the degenerate Occupy Protesters from Zucotti Park last night:

At this point in the night, the NYC brought in dump trucks, and started dismantling the tents and other encampments and tossing them into the trash. There were at least 3 Occupy members standing near the streaming camera, yelling profanities at the cops. The irony of a movement hinging upon taking away private property from the wealthy whining about having their private property taken away did not escape the snarkier members of #TCOT.

“600 dollar tents!! thousands of dollars of tents at once?!??!” because *now* you care about value of goods. how convenient..

“Thats thousands of dollars worth of stuff… HALF A MILLION DOLLARS worth of stuff!”

I felt complete for once in my life!!!” – a chant overheard through the people’s mic

“You can even dare smile at a time like this?! you think its funny?!?” – I just lost a bag of weed and my favorite bong, man!!!!

“More police are coming!”
“I think i’m ready to defend this park.. thats what i’m thinking”
“Amy is on the way with a bunch of military tents, and she’s seven hours away! So by the time we’re all out of jail, we’ll have a chance to rebuild!!”
“I’m getting reports that I’m on Al-Jazeera”
“Say hello to AL-Jazeera!”
4:00 “not to repeat it but just to let people know, that we are planning.. uh.. something… MIC CHECK!!!”
“Someone is proposing we have a GA right here…”

3:36 a.m. Kitchen tent reported teargassed. Police moving in with zip cuffs.
3:33 a.m. Bulldozers moving in
3:16 a.m. Occupiers linking arms around riot police

“You’re sexy, you’re cute, take off your riot suits”?! – chant
“I think the Nypd have learned that when they push the people, the people push back…”

and special thanks to @rachelveronica for bringing this wonderful video to my attention:

The “reporter” happened upon some masked people letting air out of police car tires. Immediately two guys demanded he stop filming, and according to him, one of them stuck their elbow in his throat. He got very indignant and argued them for a while. One girl with a red handkerchief over her face ran off angrily after yelling at him…

He argued with the guy below for a few minutes, and at one point, he declared, “for those watching this, I am being told to stop streaming” – by other protestors. After this, he talked to a friend who proclaimed that there were a lot of people with masks, “breaking s#it, throwing s#it”, but they had to be paid off by cops.

After this, he spoke to a girl, later identified as  Jess Schiff, who was smoking a cigarette. After asking for her story, she said, “at least ten protestors jumped on this cop and beat the sh#t out of him.” The ‘reporter’ asked if she had video of it – she replied, “yeah, it’s blurry, but I got it.”


Link to the Original VIDEO HERE (link fixed)