Newt Versus Obama…

I am almost completely in the Newtster’s camp, or as I like to refer to him, daNOOOOT!!

Jonah Goldberg outlines why Gingrich has comeback to seize higher poll numbers, and that problems he will have winning the nomination and the general election. [read here]

Now, I’m not Catholic. However, I understand the power of having a respect and intellectual grasp of Western Civilization while maintaining sincerely the faith that guided the philosophical and political development of our world. [read here]

…but this, more than anything, animates my Newt support – the possibility that this scene will unfold before America:

Don’t let his stupid commercial with Pelosi about Global Warming scare you off – he completely repudiates it. [watch here]

And if you want a taste of what it’s gonna be like to watch daNOOOT utterly decimate Obama, watch this little medley of our brilliant amphibian friend destroying the morons of the mainstream media: [watch here]


If you want to read the most critical reasons why you shouldn’t be for the Nootster: [read here]

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