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SooperAnalysis: GOP CNN Debate Poll Results

So here are the first results from my very informal twitter flash poll. They are rather… eccentric. Remember, these are not necessarily meant to test the mood of conservatives, but rather to test the validity of this kind of polling against accepted polls.

Take a look:

The surprise is that Michelle made such gains – is this a real bump or just some pro-Michelle fans screwing up my poll like the Ron Paulestinians? We’ll have to keep an eye on her polls. Nationally, she’s doing really poorly.

The second surprise is Huntsman coming in third. I just can’t see how this is representative. He has never had that much support.

It would be less surprising to see Newt as the frontrunner. He did well at the debate, though not as well as he done in prior debates. Meanwhile, his main competitor, Mitt Romney, hardly showed up at all. Perry didn’t much better.

I would think that the best interpretation of these results is that the far right very much approves of Newt, as I would think most of my followers are far right wingers. I’d call this flash poll a sucess if Bachmann and Huntsman improved somewhat, Mitt and Ron Paul showed some decrease in support, and Rick Perry stayed about the same.

I’ll be updating as more votes are recorded, and as more scientific polls are reported.

[vote here on the original poll]
[results from a previous twitter flash poll]


Some more results from overnight voting, controlled for Ron Paulestinian crackhead bum rush polling trolls:

The results don’t change much going to the second question:

Is Newt losing support? Even though many more thought he won the debate, fewer still support him for the nomination. He made, I think, a significant problem for himself when he tried to describe his immigration policy as more “humane“. He could have argued his point without characterizing those who might disagree as “inhumane”, regardless of the veracity of the issue. I think my favorite amphibian-American might see a drop in support.

I don’t know what to make of Bachmann‘s results in my poll. I didn’t think she did amazingly well, though she did improve. Are we going to go through the entire “anti-Mitt” cycle again? It completely missed Santorum and Huntsman!

The only other interesting thing to note is that fewer respondents thought Rick Perry won the debate, even though they support him. Same thing with Cain, though his support has absolutely collapsed.