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Alec Baldwin Run Out of Twitter

The Conservative twitter community can breathe a sigh of relief and mocking derision at the self-banishment of Leftist elitist moron and gringo, Alec Baldwin…

Warning of this last night after his breakdown on an airplane because he wasn’t allowed to play “Words with Friends” at the gate, Alec tweeted this:

This screenshot was taken once he had “deactivated” his account, which only shows that he doesn’t really understand how twitter works. He could have cancelled his account very easily.

Of course, not knowing how these things work, he allowed someone else to snap up the name, “@AlecBaldwin” on twitter. So far they haven’t tweeted yet…

However, Alec didn’t cancel his account, it’s still up with all his followers. So, the strange meandering of this Hollywood maniac into drunken schizophrenia continues…

Investigative Bloggerette Prudence Paine points out this childish outburst from before – what were you saying about not going anywhere, Alec?


The ridicule must have gotten to him, or the moron must have just figured out how to actually delete his account  – it’s completely *gone*.

You’re welcome, twitter!

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