Glenn Beck Destroys Godwin’s Law

You know it had to happen.  Mike Godwin discovered the a priori axiom of internet discourse that inevitably any large online discussion will lead to a comparison to Hitler. The corollary is that whomever does so loses this argument. We all knew that the day would come when a world historical figure would save us from the tyranny of dogmatic laws of discourse. Somehow, we all knew in our cold little hearts that this person would be Glenn Beck.

Short CLip of Glenn Beck comparing Newt to Hitler, Mussolini

I will be posting a longer clip that follows the logic – basically, Newt called himself “Wilsonian”, and Woodrow Wilson was a Progressive, and Hitler was a Progressive, and they all want to get things done, so, Newt, Hitler. Obvious.

Thus the Glenn Beck Syllogism is birthed upon the shuddering earth!

However,  in a move that might push all into existential angst and nihilism, @Beckett8 observes,

Glenn Beck would vote for Ron Paul before Gingrich. But Ron Paul was ok with the Jews being Nuked. You know who else was ok with killing all the Jews? Hitler! Therefore Ron Paul is Hitler, and Gingrich is Hitler, therefore Ron Paul is Gingrich.

If the principle of  “You know who else did that?” of logic contradicts itself, then all knowledge is impossible.