Michele Bachman “We love you” to Newt in 2008

Partial transcript from St. Paul, Minnesota back in 2008 via Townhall.com

“You all probably know our featured guest and beloved friend Newt Gingrich this morning as the former speaker of the House. He made an indelible mark that literally changed the course of the United States. He was speaker of the House from 1995 to 1999 and he was almost better known than our president during those years, he made such a strong mark. Even before that, he was a leading conservative member of the United States Congress from the state of Georgia.”

“He founded the Conservative Opportunity Society, which I frequent every week – I put it on my calendar when I’m in Washington. This is the incubator, if you will, of new, great conservative ideas and I go there every Wednesday morning. And Newt kicked that off for us.  In 1988 he helped bring down the Democrat Speaker of the House Jim Wright over ethics violations, some of you may remember that. In 1989 he was the minority whip, and he was the architect of the revolution that wrested control of the House of Representatives from 40 years of Democrat rule. This is the man who put that together, and put Republicans in control for the first time in 1994 with the Contract With America. For that, he owes a great debt of thanks, and we appreciate his work on that. He also carries the distinction of in 1994 being named Time Magazine’s person of the year. And following his time in elected office I think he felt he made a step up because he returned to a life that he loves so well, and that’s being a professor.  And he’s going to continue to school all of us this morning.

He sure will, Michele.

And she says to him personally, in a moment that the mics catch:

“What a treat. What a treat, Speaker. This is real. This is from the heart. We love you here. We love you.”