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GRINGOpinion Poll: Will Bachmann drop out?

Bachmann is scheduled for a press conference after her disappointing showing in the Iowa Caucus last night… will she drop out? And if so, who will she endorse? Let me know! You MAY win a “get out of racism free!” card.

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I didn’t get a lot of results before Michele dropped out –  here they are:

  • 0% thought she’d continue the race.
  • 33% thought she’d endorse Mitt Romney
  • 22% thought she’d endorse Newt
  • 22% thought she’d endorse Santorum.

Two smart aleck write-in answers:

  • “She and Cain will begin touring together… Bachmann Cain Train 2012.. hahahah”
  • “She’ll drop and woof down some triple fudge moose tracks”


A few observations – Michele said she never went against her principles during her run. If she sticks to those, she won’t endorse Mitt. Though I have long thought that she attacked the other second tier candidates because she was eventually angling for some position with Mitt, maybe even a VP slot. I’m not the only one to have theorized this.

I would think she would endorse Santorum, given her fiery interactions with Newt at the debates. She would betray her principles by either endorsing Mitt, or Ron Paul, though different principles with each.

Meanwhile, Perry tweets a surprise – he’s staying in and going to South Carolina. Nice pic attached: