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Liberal Degenerate “NewTone” Tweets against Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch Scares Liberal Cowards

Another war of tweets broke out between we noble Conservatives, and they, filthy degenerate liberals. This time it was over the Micturating Marine Muslim controversy, and specifically over our side’s warrior pundit, Dana Loesch. The media predictably tossed contumely upon our military while providing absolutely no context either about the atrocities on the Talibani side, or the media’s past attempts to blame the sitting commander-in-chiefwhenever any military personnel committed any unsavory act. Of course, this principle only applies when a Republican is in power.

What really drove the leftist crackheads insane were these comments from Dana on her show:

“Can someone explain to me if there’s supposed to be a scandal that someone pees on the corpse of a Taliban fighter? Someone who, as part of an organization, murdered over 3,000 Americans? I’d drop trou and do it too. That’s me though. I want a million cool points for these guys. Is that harsh to say? Come on people, this is a war. What do people think this is?”

And the leftists lost it. Their reaction undermines their Pollyannish view that the Middle East would be perfectly functional if we would just stay out of it – after all, it is these events that make people militant, not their extreme Islamist views. And it’s because of bloodthirsty Conservatives like Dana that we are so easy to invade other countries. This is absolutely ridiculous, and their fanatic mouth-foaming reaction undermines their opinions.

Dana writes:

The disproportionate anger on the part of progressives is fueled by their dislike of our military. That what this proves. The left is attacking me so they can give the Obama administration a pass–unlike what they did with Bush and Abu Ghraib. Like it or not, I’ll stand up for our troops no matter which president is in charge.

and earlier,

I’ve seen more outrage towards our troops over this incident than I have ever seen towards the Taliban themselves who’ve beheaded soldiers (American and Afghan), raped and tortured women, sent out suicide bombers, and carried out horrific attacks.

Not only should that give pause to any rational thinker who is not blinded by their hatred of Conservatives, but it is substantiated by the advocacy of just such acts against Dana Loesch from those supporters of the filthy liberal view. I’d like to provide some evidence of this, by documenting just some of the tweets Dana received in the course of this controversy. Of course, all of this is perfectly fine, since the situational ethics of the left allows for any violent act to be wished on Conservatives and, at the same time, hypocritically demands conservative “civility.

WARNING: these are VERY explicit.

While advocating for the gay lobby, the Left often wields homosexuality as an insult.

A ridiculous insult, that really doesn’t make sense, but dictionaries have been outlawed on the Left.

This tweet has already been deleted by the user.

Again, logical extension doesn’t seem to be within the ability of his intellectual faculties.


[UPDATED] they just keep comin….

I don’t even… what?

this is the pic attached: This next one is so despicable, I can’t even bring myself to post the tweetpic. Feel free to click if you’d like. It is a photoshop of Dana onto the an image of the soldiers micturating.

This guy is a serial offender. See one up above, and on a tip, I found these two also:


This very special genius manage to mix in some anti-Semitism in there too. Impressive indeed.

Will the liberal left decry these completely disgusting insults and threats of violence against Dana? No. It will take no mental strain to figure out why.

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