South Carolina News Outlets Spread FAKE Newt Press Release

South Carolina is known for some dirty politics. This primary is no different.

Early today a faked press release supposedly from the Newt Gingrich campaign was sent to news outlets under a false email account. Rather than fact check it, some chose to run with the story that could damage Gingrich significantly.

WBTW is one of the idiotic outlets that refuses to take down the story.

They also have it on their facebook page:

Yesterday a similar trick was used to smear Newt – an email was sent supposedly from the Bachmann campaign saying that she had not decided who she would endorse, but it would definitely not be Newt. Representatives from the Bachmann quickly denied the story:

Alice Stewart, spokeswoman for the former presidential candidate, told GreenvilleOnline.com in an interview that someone forwarded the statement to her, and that even though it bore the same email address as her later, official statement, it was not from the campaign.

She declined to discuss who might have sent it, saying only that campaign officials have investigated links contained in the false statement.

“I can say with 100 percent complete certainty our campaign had nothing to do with that email,” Stewart said. The false statement said Bachmann would not be endorsing Gingrich.

“The Bachmann for President campaign has not issued an official statement regarding an endorsement of any current candidate in the GOP race ahead of the South Carolina primary,” Stewart said in an official statement sent to the press today. “Any information found to the contrary is inaccurate.”

So who is sending fake emails to derail the Newt Gingrich campaign?

Of course these are the kinds of stories that are quickly reported, stick in the minds of the voters, and slowly sway opinion away from a candidate. It shows the lengths to which Newt is a threat to either the Mitt, Ron Paulestinian, or even Obama campaigns. I rather doubt it’s from squeaky clean Mr. Sweatervest. But then again, maybe I’m a secret double agent actually running cover for Rick Santorum?!

I’ll investigate this unsubstantiated accusation against myself immediately.



As of 4:00 pm they had finally deleted this tweet sending out the false story: