Thoughts on Joseph Kony

Whenever you want to know about any subject, always go to the source. Don’t let people tell you what you to think – try to find out as much as you can from those who are closest to the issue.

In the Kony “invisible children” campaign, go to Uganda:

So there are a lot of people who are very skeptical about the social media campaign that is pushing the arrest of Joseph Kony. There is no doubt that he is an evil actor in history. But as the previous video asked, is this really a wise use of resources?

Anyway, you can debate that amongst yourselves… the intent of my post is entirely different. I want to make some predictions.

This campaign is very unique. I had heard about it years ago, and laughed at it, naturally, as a conservative. I don’t care about raising awareness. The Nazis weren’t defeated by “awareness”. The evil empire of the Soviet Union wasn’t defeated by “awareness”. All sorts of totalitarian regimes are upheld by awareness, not stricken down by it. Over and over history teaches us that military strength defeats tyranny.

This is why some had criticized this movement as “slacktivism.” I like this term because it characterizes so much of liberal thought – results are an unimportant as long as your feelings are satisfied. I’m pretty sure that’s a more developed version of “hope and change.”

However, as I am a suspicious, conspiratorial nut, I have been following the Kony campaign with much interest. So here are my thoughts as to the intention of the campaign:

1) Obama sent in “advisors” early last year to help those fighting against Kony. Could this social media campaign have been instituted to justify this intervention and retroactively shore up Obama’s foreign policy credentials?

2) News reports emphasize that Kony was trying to institute a theocracy in Uganda based on the Ten Commandments. The media completely ignores that he is a recent convert to Islam. Could this be another tactic of the Obama administration to smear social conservatives like Santorum by condemning a theocracy that the Left loves to dishonestly points towards?

3) Again, while ignoring the fact that Kony has become Muslim, perhaps this campaign will soon turn into an anti-War movement, similar to the Occupy protest. In this case, as intellectually dishonest as it might be, some might equate the Syrian crisis to the Palestinian plight against those nefarious Jews.

some evidence:

So what exactly is going on? I’m not sure… but I just want to be the first to say “I told you so” if any of these possibilities come to pass.