San Diego Border Patrol Agent Injured by Car Explosion; Driver Dies

I’m not one to push hyperbolic claims of Al Qaeda streaming in through our southern border to attack us, but, on the other hand:

A Border Patrol agent received second degree burns Thursday after an explosion during a pursuit in Campo.

The chase started on Old Highway 80, reportedly the agent spotted a vehicle driving the wrong way on the highway, when the driver finally pulled the car over and the agent started to approach the vehicle, it suddenly exploded.

The driver of the vehicle was killed in the explosion, according to the Sheriff’s Department. The Border Patrol agent was airlifted to UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest with second degree burns to his face.

The Sheriff’s department’s homicide and bomb squad units were both called to the scene.

The department is investigating the case as a homicide.

First, why a homicide? Wouldn’t that be a suicide if the driver caused the explosion on purpose? Or was there reason to believe someone outside the car caused the explosion?

More details:

Justin De La Torre of the Border Patrol says agents got a report just before midnight that a car was heading the wrong way on Interstate 8 near Buckman Springs.

During the chase, authorities placed spike strips that blew out the car’s tires.

Is this a suicide attack on border agents?

A picture of the car:

h/t to Jawa Report, through political jungle, via San Diego 6.