Sarah Palin Deflects Matt Lauer’s Insults on the Today Show

A clip from Sarah Palin’s appearance on the NBC’s Today Show, with Matt Lauer:

h/t: Accuracy in Media

Notice how Lauer is really going after her – he cuts into her answers, and doesn’t even seem to care what she says. His questions are pre-set in order to make him appear more capable and better prepared. For instance, he asks her whether the economy is getting better, and she answers that it is, for Wall Street people. He cuts her off, follows with a list of why the economy is better, including Wall Street gains.

Lauer tries to ambush Palin, and she does a great job of deflecting him with insightful, principled, and well-thought out answers. She gets into the rhythm of his questions and starts cutting him off as well.

In this question, he tries to subtly insult her:

If Mitt Romney is the nominee, one of the first real major decisions he’ll have to make is on a vice presidential candidate. When you were plucked from obscurity in 2008, you had been Alaska’s governor for about two years, you didn’t have any real experience on the national stage. In this era of intense media scrutiny, you took some lumps. You had mixed results as we all know. Do you think if Mitt Romney’s the nominee, he should choose someone with more experience on the national battlefield than you had at the time?”

Did he ever say the same of Obama?

She answers:

“Well you know I would put up my record as a CEO of a city, of a state, of an oil and gas regulator up against any of the other potential GOP Vice Presidential nominees last go around. So, I’m proud to stand on my record as a private sector and a public servant CEO.

I would say it doesn’t matter if that person has national elevel experience or not – they are going to get clobbered by the lamestream media that does not like the conservative message. And, it doesn’t matter if that person has been a known commodity to the lamestream media… There will be that double standard applied, no matter who it is..”

Damn right, sister.

And she looked amazing.

meanwhile our president babbles on incoherently about judicial review