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Help Find This Occupying LA Maggot That Assaulted a Female Officer

UPDATE: The Los Angeles Police Department say they have detained a suspect for the attacker. Read more here.

Police officials said the officer was hospitalized as a precaution but was not seriously injured. The impact of the blow jerked her head forward and dented her helmet, officials said.

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The leaders of Occupy Wall Street have continuously whined that it’s the cops who are violent and not themselves. Of course, whenever there is provided absolute evidence of their violence, they deny these people are involved with the movement.

This particular act caught on tape was so cowardly and heinous, I hope those of you in Los Angeles will help find this scum and turn him in.

Police say that the officer was hospitalized with a concussion. What a cowardly degenerate her attacker is. 

The suspect stepped past the officer then swung what appears to be a metal snare drum into the back of her head. The suspect then “disappeared into the crowd,” Smith said. “But what a despicable act, for someone to pick the smallest officer out there and hit her from behind with a drum.”

Police Chief Charlie Beck plans to address the incident at a 3 p.m. press conference today. The suspect is wanted for assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, Smith said.

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I took some screenshots to try to get a better look at the maggot:

Check out the design on his t-shirt, and the odd white design on the back of his hoody… maybe Geraldo was right – hoodies signify a criminal!

Slightly different frame:

If you know anything, please contact the LAPD, let me know and I’ll get the info to them.


Blogger @DefendWallSt found this pic of the female officer before the assault:

She displayed some real bravery to wade into that cesspool of filthy degenerates to protect private property, the safety of other citizens, and the rule of law. She deserves to have this maggot punished for what he did to her.

Another occupier assaulted a police officer with a skateboard, but unfortunately, no video or pictures are available.

The incident occurred near 4th and Hill streets when some protesters appeared to swarm a smaller number of LAPD officers, who in turn called for backup.

A police official said a female officer was struck in the head with a skateboard and taken to a hospital. The impact of the blow dented her helmet, the official said, but her injury appears not to be life-threatening.

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If you have any info please contact the NYPD.