Obama Says He Was Too Busy For Wisconsin – What Was He Doing?

As we’ve noted before, the liberal left was absolutely bath-salt face-chewing crazy over Obama neglecting to support the Union cause in Wisconsin.

Finally, someone let Obama be clear enough to say just why he didn’t go campaign for Tom Barrett and his crackhead Union thugs:



Thank goodness he cleared that up, yes? Oh wait. He was just too busy! Oh ok.

Let’s see, the day of the election:

Oh. Maybe he was doing some sooper-secret prez stuff.

The day before he had a campaign event in NY for… himself. Hmm. Very busy. Oh wait wait… he had JUST enough time to squeeze in a glorious tweet of support for Tom Barrett! Good job! Gutsy Tweet!

Sunday.  Nothin. A man’s gotta rest after all that golf!! Let’s hope finally had a chance to eat that waffle.

That’s the Lord’s Day, so Obama probably worshipped himself.  Saturday, he was MUCH too busy to.. oh. Nothing again.

Friday he went to five campaign events!! Much too busy to help the Unions in Wisconsin!

On Thursday he met with Tim Geithner at 3pm. And then… cleared the calendar. They were combing each other’s hair.

Wednesday, he celebrated Jewish American Heritage month. And attended an annual hurricane preparedness meeting. Maybe the hurricane was the Wisconsin election? Naw.

Monday: nothin.

Sunday: nothin.

Saturday: nothin.

Friday:  One Prez meeting at 11am.

Whew! I’m tired just writing this stuff out!! Poor Obama!

Take a vacation already! Maybe have a round or two of golf?