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Stupid Liberals Call For Political Hashtag War, Conservatives Destroy Them

Twitter has become the battleground for politics for many of us, and the war is being waged via hashtag games. But who’s really winning?

From my vantage point, it’s hard not to think that Conservatives are destroying Liberals, but it’s good to have actual analytical evidence to prove it. Today presented a great opportunity as we had nearly identical hashtag games trying to ridicule each other: #ConservatismIn4Words and #LiberalismIn4Words.

If you look at total tweets in each, they are about equal, and that doesn’t tell us much, because there’s a lot of crossover, and hijacking by either side:

analysis from

So let’s look at top participants of both hashtags:


Lots of Conservative WIN!


Ut oh filthy leeberals! Looks like we win here too!



There ya go. Definite, analytical, verifiable evidence Conservatives own the twitters. Go get you some for the best conservative tweets. Especially pleasing is that liberals specifically called for this twitter war, and lost. Nice try, morons.


Also, note that one of the top tweeters is @CatsRImportant, a filthy liberal that also enjoys breaking TOS and sending out personal info – why does Twitter let this account continue?

This is not intended ironically:

This liberal fails the hashtag test: can’t play without… a hashtag:

Showing the brilliant wit of liberals:

And finally, the best from your favorite handsome Conservative Latino:






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