Media Bias

Evidence of Obama Campaign Planting Questions at Cincinnati Speech

At a campaign stop in Cincinnati, Obama seemed to have a lot of trouble getting through his speech without a teleprompter to lean on.

In the video below, Obama calls for one last question, and seems to blunder through saying he “promised” and then “promise” and finally, “I’m gonna call on this young lady here.” But it wasn’t a young lady, it was a boy. He corrects himself, joking, “that’s a handsome young man.” Then ten minutes later, he launches into the end of the speech, and mellifluously saunters into the words, “when I look at this young woman here, I see my daughters” while pointing at the boy again.

This is the brilliant orator people are swooning over?

This is all explainable if you assume a simple proposition that many have suspected – that the campaign plants audience members in order to ask pre-planned questions. In this case, someone screwed up, and wrote the speech as if the plant was to be a girl, so after Obama corrects himself awkwardly, he is unable to fix the line at the end of the speech.

Contrast this with the deceptively edited video reported first on this blog from MSNBC trying to smear Mitt Romney, and you have a perfect image of media bias – they hide embarrassing moments of Democrats, and emphasize, or even outright lie about Republicans.

One of the weirder moments happens when the boy/girl asks his question:

“Hi, my dad, he’s an unemployed construction worker. And he’s on unemployment, so, as your job as president, will he have a job before his unemployment runs out?”

This seems like a rather serious question, but the supporters clearly laugh at the boy/girl. Why would they laugh at him/her?

Maybe they saw more obviously from in front of the camera that the campaign was going to pre-planned questions from the audience.

Or maybe they know what we all know: that this president is a joke, and his ridiculous promises to improve employment are as good as they were 4 years ago: that is, they’re worthless.

thanks to WEWS-TV for the video footage

UPDATE: Other news sources report Taylor’s gender as a girl, and as being 12 years old. I misheard her as saying she was 15.