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New Liberal Lapdog Media Attack: Debt Ceiling Debate Cost $1.3 Billion!!!

Very early this morning I started seeing reporters tweeting out this headline about how much it was calculated to cost the taxpayers for Congress to debate the Debt Ceiling raise this last year. It cost us “billions”!!!!

Well, ok, that’s a slight exaggeration – it’s $1.3 Billion. Still, that’s more than one billion, so technically, it is plural billions. I guess.

How much of the budget does this account for?

Hello? Ok let me spell it out…

No response… hmm.. let’s try another reporter who is just horrified at the spending!!

What? No response?! It’s almost as if… they just won’t let some mexy facts get in the way of their agenda to smear the GOP!

Once again, a nanosecond of critical thinking provides the most obvious and simplest rebuttal to this headline: very simply, that debate saved the taxpayer trillions.

Remember these are the same liberals who were horrified and petrified, at the incredible extremism of the Republicans that would not agree to 10:1 budget cuts to budget increases during the primaries. Yet now they’re absolutely INCENSED that we would spend what comes to $1 for every $1615 of budget saved.

Of course, the Republicans are the extremists:

“The cost of last summer’s recklessness by Republicans only continues to grow, yet they seem eager to do it all over again,” said Sander Levin, the top Democrat on the House of Representatives’ tax-writing committee.”

This is how the media absolutely stacks the deck against Republicans – they put numbers in a ridiculous context that hides the true cost of Democrat schemes.

As of this posting, the article cited above is being tweeted at least once per minute by morons who can’t do math. We call them liberals.

Use math. Vote conservative.