Obama Birthday Party BUST – Pics Show Empty Room

Earlier today it was reported that Obama’s birthday party was half empty even though the tickets were only $51:
Immediately after the news broke, the Obama team repudiated it:

A picture from the DJ, showing a mostly empty room:

Here’s a pic from inside the room:

And from the back of the room: Protesters outside?

Looks lonely…

People “bunched up” way in the front:

A “Chalkupy” protester outside Obama’s birthday event posted this picture:

And another, “Obama admin deports millions”:

A wrap-around image of the crowd before Obama enters – does that look like 1000 people to you? That’s what POLITICO is reporting – they have a reporter at the event, and quoted the Obama campaign. [click to see larger size]

This is in stark contrast with the Romney-Ryan campaign stop in North Carolina, where thousands showed up, waiting in long lines to get a glimpse of the new VP candidate.


Jay Jones in the comments section points out that the venue can hold up to 1,500 guests. Apparently “selling out” a venue means 2/3rds of the capacity for the Obama team. Genius!!