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Lapdog Media Responds to Paul Ryan VP Pick!

We finally got through this weekend after Mitt Romney revealed his Vice President pick to be Paul Ryan. I knew immediately the lapdog liberal media would mount their steeds and attack viciously and mercilessly, and they did not disappoint:

[right click to see close up!]

Here are some of the more idiotic tweet assaults I saw since Friday night:

He’s RICH!!!!

Cenk is always good for a stupid tweet:

Biden will bury him with.. folksy… uhm.. lies..

This is just kinda awesome:

He hates all women!!!!

He was voted brownnoser in High School!!!

Paul Begala has had some of the stupidest comments in political history:

The absolute best, though, was trying to tie Paul Ryan to the BLACK PANTHERS through just the use of a speech quote! It took the combined brain cells of three writers at the New York Times to come up with this crap!!