Democrat Hispanic Media Director Approves Crude Article; Lapdog Media Regurgitates

It’s been barely two days since Brad Woodhouse, the half-witted grammar-challenged communications director for the Democrats, welcomed Diana Rubio as their new “Director of Hispanic Media.”

Well, it didn’t take long for Diana to get the hang of the gutter politics that Obama and the Dems are playing [even though she hasn’t mastered twitter enough to get an avatar], when she tweeted out a link to a very crude article:

The article by Jordan Fabian reaches in his translation of Spanish in order to mock Romney:

Mitt Romney sure likes his tropical fruit.

Romney received a warm welcome to Miami Monday on Radio Mambí, a station that caters to Cuban exiles. Romney had an appearance at a Miami juice shop (owned by a convicted drug dealer) later in the day and the host told the GOP candidate, “They’re waiting for you with a mamey and a guayaba — Cuban fruits — here in Miami, do you like those?

“I am a big fan of mango, papaya, and guava,” Romney said.

The hosts chuckled and added, “There are mangos there too.”

We’re not sure if the host and translator laughed with Romney in his moment of candor, at the fact that he added mango and papaya to the list, or that the latter is Cuban slang for “vagina.”

Very classy! Just 5 tweets into her job as Director of Hispanic Media, and she thinks it’s proper to send out an article comparing women’s procreative parts to Cuban fruit. Great hire, Brad, I’m sure we can expect all sorts of brilliance from Diana from here on out. We haven’t heard enough juvenile puns with the Koch brothers, or some mature assessments of Republican legislature by childishly mocking John Boehner’s name, so watch out!

The ridiculous thing about the article is that the audio [available through the link] shows that the hosts weren’t laughing at all at the papaya remark, but laughed as soon as he said mango, as they knew his Spanish was limited. But that won’t stop the liberal press from trying to demean Romney and show they’re willing to follow Obama’s lead into the gutter to help him win an election.

For instance, Tommy Christopher from Mediate jumps on the story with his typical ignorance but willingness to jump to conclusions while swinging wildly. He even posts the audio that disproves his story since the translator doesn’t mention papaya – she missed Romney saying it and laughed anyway. Tommy isn’t one to let his stupidity get in the way of a good ol’ abortion joke though.

Of course, it’s not really his fault, since he picked up the story while bottom-feeding at Jezebel. They obscure what happened even further with their deceptive headline, “Mitt Romney Unwittingly Tells Spanish Language News Outlet that He Loves Vagina.” At least they offered this much:

“To be fair, in many languages (including English), pretty much ever [sic] word for fruit can be slang for “vagina” if used with the right inflection.”

But wait! There’s MORE!

If you need evidence of the difference between right and left, you don’t need to look any further than the Spanish that Obama has employed in the past that could be twisted into a stupid joke. For instance, when he ordered Mexican food, saying, I hear you guys have the best huevos rancheros! any Spanish speaker could have snickered like Beavis and Butthead at the accidental but common euphemism.

Just this week, Obama ordered chorizo breakfast burritos at another Mexican restaurant, which completes the male counterpart to the “papaya” colloquialism.

Did right-wing Spanish-speaking bloggers [like myself] take the opportunity to snicker and smear Obama? No – that sort of ridiculous and vulgar tactic are reserved for the left, and the Obama campaign staff encouraging them…