According to the “Akin Rule”, MSM Must Consider Obama Muslim

I knew this was going to be one of the more annoying and mind-numbing weeks of this political season when I heard about Todd Akin’s comments in regards to abortion in the cases of rape. So here’s my meek entry into the battle:

If the mainstream media is going to blame the GOP for a policy that no one holds, including Todd Akin, based on a mistake that he made while speaking, then let’s call this the “Akin Rule.” In case you’re wondering, the policy is that “pregnancy is scientific proof that there was no legitimate rape.”

Ok, so, let’s apply the rule to this comment by Barack Obama:

Ta-Daa!! The mainstream media are now Islamophobes. What? You say that’s not fair because it was a mistake? Well Todd Akin fully admits his speech was a mistake. According to the news media, that doesn’t matter.

They’ve even gone so far as to pin this idiotic notion on Paul Ryan when he never held such a position ever.

That’s exactly how ridiculous and stupid this “debate” is, which is really just an attack by the lapdog media to help the democrats keep the Senate.


Or how about this… according to McCaskill’s aide, anti-Obamacare protesters are Nazis. Not only did he say it once, but he doubled down on the comments, as was captured by this video :

In case you missed it:

Stay strong. Someone said brownshirts, and some people got offended by that, but if you look at history, when Hitler took over Germany, they did just that. They disrupted meetings, screaming, and then it got violent, but they were always in the minority.

McCaskill made him apologize, but did Democrats throw her under the bus? Nope, they stuck by her because they may be abject idiots in regards to political policy, but they know how to stay in power.

Great job GOP.