CNN’s Peter Hamby Makes GOP Appear Racist; Democrats Repeat Lie after Correction

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

A great example is CNN’s Peter Hamby sending out the following appraisal of a motion at the GOP platform committee:


As of this posting, it has 48 retweets, 8 favorites, and many many admirers and scoffers deriding the racism of the GOP. [UPDATE: 101 retweets, most after the retraction] Except….

Romney communications adviser Ted Newton stepped right in to correct him:

Eventually ol’ Peter got around to correcting his earlier tweet, but didn’t delete it. How sexy is a correction? Not nearly as much as “evidence” that the GOP is racist:

Five retweets. Job well done! His original tweet even made headlines at Real Clear Politics, who smeared Rep Steve King today as well.    No correction yet.

The tweet was also picked up by the Democrats’ new “Director of Hispanic Press”:

Correction? What correction? Liberals don’t need no steenkeng correction….



I wonder if Peter Hamby’s seemingly intentional mischaracterization of the GOP platform has anything to do with his girlfriend and Obama “rapid response” Director, Lis Smith? [from an anonymous source]