Jehmu Greene’s Racist Tweet against Marco Rubio’s Dad

I’m not surprised that this blatant and hypocritical racism from liberal Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene. Jehmu is a hateful spiteful racist that only gets away with it because of her skin color, and certainly not on account of the emptiness of her character:

I get this from liberals all the time – their first instinct is to make deportation jokes on account of my ethnicity. It doesn’t matter that Marco Rubio’s dad came here legally, all that matters is that Jehmu can safely make a racist joke at the expense of someone from the comfort of her only asset in life: her skin color.

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Jehmu saw this post and wasn’t pleased by my assessment:

Illegals beget illegals if Jehmu is trying to make a point against the GOP!!

Well if this isn’t the kettle calling… hmmm.. finishing this sentence would be racist.

NOW details are important.. not as much when you’re making racist jokes about people’s parents.

Common sense – Jehmu can’t be racist. Only when Republicans make mistakes are they absolute confirmation of the seething bigotry inside!
My point:

Jehmu: no answer.