Why Occupy Wall Street Began on September 17th

As the Occupy Wall Street “movement” celebrates it’s first year birthday, it’s important to note just why they chose this day to begin demonstrating against capitalism.

The Canadian anti-Capitalist group “Adbusters” that organized OWS a year ago with the hacker collective Anonymous made it clear that they chose September 17th 2011 for an important reason – it had significance to them, but they didn’t say why.

On September 16th 1920, America suffered the deadliest act of terrorism on U.S. soil up to that point, and it was directed at Wall Street.

The sidewalks filled with brokers, clerks and receptionists heading for lunch. At 12:01, a bomb of roughly 100 pounds of TNT, resting on the wagon floor above the left rear axle, exploded in “a blinding sheet of saffron-green light.” Five hundred pounds of fragmented sash weights piled about the bomb tore into the passersby like shrapnel. A nearby automobile flipped 20 feet into the air. Thousands of plate-glass windows shattered over a half-mile radius, their fragments tinkling from sill to ledge to pavement. A pillar of brownish-lemon smoke soared heavenward. Awnings 12 stories up caught fire. The explosion blasted the façade of J.P. Morgan & Co. The bank’s windows burst inward in a blizzard of razor-sharp shards.

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38 people were killed.

No one was ever caught for the terrorist act, but anarchists were suspected as there had been a string of bombings and attacks all around the world with Anarchists taking responsibility.

 Is it a coincidence that Occupy Wall Street began the day after the anniversary of  an anarchist attack on Wall Street?

The other reason September 17th is significant is that it’s the date that trading resumed on the NYSE after 9/11. Again, is it a coincidence that OWS began on this date, and it constantly allies itself with the “Arab Spring” protests?

Finally, the original title for the protest was the “Day of Rage” –  the same term applied to the Muslim extremist penchant to murder and maim Christians and Jews after finishing their prayers on Fridays.

A “Day of Rage” was to be unleashed on America in front of the White House, where Islamists were to call for Sharia Law to be established all over this nation. Even the Muslim Brotherhood got in on the action.

All coincidence?

Maybe it is, but if not, it provides a sinister backdrop to a movement that has been very destructive.

[CORRECTION: An earlier version incorrectly listed the year of the bombing as 1909]