Cairo Embassy Questioned About Anti-Muhammed Movie in Twitter Exchange 2 Days Before 9/11 Attacks

While the Obama team is trying to deflect attention from the Embassy attacks on 9/11 and it’s culpability in not providing enough security after repeated warnings, this interesting exchange on twitter 2 days before the event demand some investigation:

The Cairo Embassy responds:

And “Sherief S Farid” replies:

Terry Jones’ involvement is well-known, though it’s since been reported to be very tenuous – who are “Morees Sadek” and “Esmat Zaklama”? They were identified very early on by news sources in Iran and Egypt, as the Coptic Christian producers of the movie, which inflamed local anti-Copt anger in Egypt. Esmat Zaklama is a known advocate for Coptic Civil Liberties, and demonstrated against the 9/11 Mosque in NYC.

It’s interesting because no where was it reported that it was to be aired on September 11th in the United States – was this part of the inflammatory story that was passed around in order to get Muslims to protest?

Whoever this Sherief is, he needs to be investigated as to his role in the 9/11 attacks.


The next day, Sherief asked again to “confirm” from the embassy that they knew about this video:

The embassy didn’t respond – this was the day before the attacks.


Again, on September 10th, the day before the attacks, Sherief posts what seems to be a response to the film controversy from the Coptic Christian church. As it seems to be in Arabic, I don’t know what it says, but Google translate says the message on the tweet posting it says,

Statement of the Coptic Church refused to film abuser of Islam, September 10.

That message that Sherief retweeted along with 64 others can be seen here:


Another exchange from twitter has Muslims demanding the video is stopped “ASAP” – it’s curious that the embassy doesn’t state the obvious fact that this movie isn’t airing anywhere. Either they didn’t know this, or didn’t think of it to try to calm these angry Muslims:

This exchange was too long to post individual tweets, but you can access original tweet with conversation behind it here.

This was made on the day of the protests, and most likely early in the day – confusion with the timestamp makes me unsure of the exact timing.

The last tweet is a challenge to the argument made by the Muslims, and pointing to text in the Koran where Christians and Jews are referred to as pigs and monkeys in some translations.

Special thanks to @DJWolf76 for pointing out the exchange to me.