Obama Team Picks Up Newest “Romnesia” Meme from Twitter User Calling Republicans “Traitors” and Using Homophobic Slurs

Today the Obama team started another idiotic meme to add to “Big Bird” and “Binders” – this one is a dim-witted pun on Romney’s name:

With the lapdog maggot media behind them, and retweeting gleefully, it nearly immediately trended:

Lis Smith is the director of Obama’s quick response team.

So where did they get this brilliant witticism that so gloriously shows the gravitas and seriousness of the Obama campaign? If you search for it on twitter, there’s an account that posted photoshopped pictures with the pun from a week ago:

Not only are they showing the essentially peevish nature of this campaign, but the user who originated the term is a real piece of work. In this next tweet, he calls all Republicans “traitors” – very new tone.

His name, “S.E. Crapp” is another clever witticism spinning S.E. Cupp’s name. How charming.

Oh looky here:

This one is so disgusting I can’t even post it – take a look if you wish. How about this one calling Romney a Nazi? Or saying Romney and Ryan are pro-rape? C’mon Stephanie Cutter, take your pick! These are all golden narratives to push Obama!!

Oh and this one about Michael Steele is really despicable… does Obama approve?

Apparently Mister “Bat Crap Crazy 4 Obama” claims to have been a University professor. Why am I not surprised?

Can’t wait to see them take up some more designs from their genius photoshopper:

Help get the story out:


The Atlantic Wire noted that the term had been in use by liberal blogs as well.


According to a twitter user named SmashHoward, the term “Romnesia” is nearly 2 decades old!

From Metroactive:

“I don’t have any memory of what she is referring to,” Romney would later declare, “although I certainly can’t say it could not have been me.” It became the patterned Romney response to other conflicted moments in his life… Mormon feminists came up with a term for Romney’s calculated lack of memory: “Romnesia.”

That’s quite a campaign they’re running… and I thought the pathetic story they were peddling from 5 months ago as a new “bombshell” was bad.

How is this not a campaign in panic mode?