Obama Dons Bomber Jacket; Will Liberals Remember Calling Bush a Fascist For Doing the Same?


How presidential!! How brave and leadshippy! So FULL of..leader.. SHIP.

Oh how the liberals forget how Bush (who actually did have some experience in military) was a fascist dictator for daring to wear a bomber jacket while in office!

2001 – The Daily Show Video

2006 – How Fascism Starts!

2008 – So when is it Fascism?

The Dean’s World blog had a great post about this way back in 2004 where he noted this histrionic quote from Dana Milbank, Obama waterboy [emphasis added]:

Conway, Ark.: Dana: Is it really seemly for a civilian President with no active duty military record to a don military unifrom? It seems questionable morally, and also suspect politically, as it naturally reminds people that he may not have completed his National Guard commitments honorably.

Dana Milbank: It is interesting that the White House had no concern that the carrier landing would revive the questions about Bush’s service in the National Guard…

As for wearing military garb, the experts I checked with said it is unlikely any president had done that since Teddy Roosevelt, and that was before such images would be broadcast into millions of homes. Even true military figures, such as Eisenhower, avoided wearing uniform as president.

It is fair to ask whether the presentation of the civilian commander-in-chief in military clothing is wise. My belief, though, is the public will generally not question it.

I wonder if Milbank will ask this question of Obama?

Dean’s World Blog:

Well gosh, what a scary thought that the President would do such an unseemly thing, and the public not question it!

Darn you, Jimmy Carter!

carter in military garb

(served from 1977 to 1981)

And oh look, there’s President Reagan, breaking with a Presidential tradition since Teddy Roo… er, Jimmy Carter!

Reagan in military garb(Served from 1981 to 1989)

You know it just gets scarier and scarier. The elder Bush really went wild with his military-dictator-look. Note the firghtening Presidential seal clearly visible on one side of the jacket, and the name tag on the other:

bush 41 military photo(Served from 1989 to 1993)

Here’s an even scarier one: notice he’s wearing both a military hat and a military blouse!

Bush 41 second military photo(Click image to see more detail.)

And here we come to the most frightening pictures to date: the President–a President who never even served in the military!–stepping off of a helicopter onto on an aircraft carrier!

Clinton Military photo 1(Served from 1993 to 2001)

Oh no! Here’s even more! Look! He’s even wearing a military hat with scrambled eggs on the brim!

Clinton military photo 2(Click image to see more detail.)

Now for the scariest photo of all. Look, the jacket’s a different color now!

Bush 43 military photo

It very much appears that America is falling into a fascist totalitarian dictatorship doesn’t it? Who does that former Air National Guardsman who volunteered to serve in a unit that was going to Vietnam think he is, dressing like that?

I mean, it’s the color that’s the dead giveaway, right?

By the way, courtesy of Instapundit, here’s a photo of the late Robert Kennedy from when he served as Attorney General. Damn you Bobby, you dictator-wannabe!

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