GOP on Fiscal Cliff and Debt: “Dig Up, Stupid!”

Well I can’t say I’m surprised that the GOP would let Obama have his way on the “Fiscal Cliff” – frankly, I think this capitulation was in the cards when they kicked the can down the road last time.

In these negotiations the GOP keep reminding me of Chief Wiggum from this classic scene of the Simpsons:

“Dig UP, Stupid!” seems to be the GOP’s answer to the debt problem for decades now.

To further insult our intellects, the mompants president actually said that he had decreased the deficit with this deal!

Wow, aren’t we a bunch of idiots! At publishing of this article, the tweet had more than a thousand retweets! Oh it’s so pathetic.

Of course, that’s over 10 years, and just the Sandy Relief Bill will spend nearly that much as soon as they pass it – just one bill! Math is hard, hope is easy, gringos.

Finally, Obama had the absolute audacity to say these two statements:

Can you imagine if Bush had said there was not going to be any debate on some issue? The media would excoriate him for it. And then to add insult to stupidity, president brony adds that he’s open to compromise!

2+2=5, comrades.