Evangelical Pastor Put on Terrorist Watch List for Arguing with Social Security Worker

Hey, that government has done so well with our security, let’s allow it to take more control of our daily lives, right?

A South Florida minister says he is afraid to try to get on an airplane because he thinks he’s been placed on a terrorist watch list.

Ronnie McFadden, a pastor at the Missionary Evangelist Outreach Center in Miami, said he went to the Social Security Administration after Christmas to try and get a check that has been missing for several years sent to him.

“I went in, I got the Social Security card. No one told me my name was on a terrorist list or a watch or a banned list,” he said.

Great.. because the religious extremists I’m most concerned about attacking Americans are Christians. Yes. Christians.


Any other.


But McFadden said he soon learned from the government that his name had been placed on a terrorist watch list.

“But they said I was on a banned list and I can’t be nowhere present in the United States in a Social Security office – matter of fact in the government buildings, and I called and they said not even on the airplanes,” he said.

McFadden also provided the Social Security Administration’s reply to him earlier this month. It said that McFadden was banned from entering any Social Security office in October 2008, and that the agency accepts appeals on ban decisions starting Sept. 6, 2011.

“Because we banned you before that date, you cannot appeal your ban. We will not consider your appeal,” the Social Security Administration said in its letter.

How Kafkaesque… no one told him he was on the watch list when he could have appealed, and now that he can’t appeal, they let him know. That’s awesome. Thanks government!

It appears from the message that McFadden’s trouble stems from a verbal disagreement he had with a Social Security worker five years ago. McFadden said he had no idea the report of the encounter could land him on a watch list with other federal agencies.

Now, the pastor said, he is afraid to even try to fly, and won’t go to the airport.

McFadden, who is a born-again Christian, said he is willing to forgive and move on, if he can get the problem has with the government solved.

Phew! Can’t wait for government to take control of more of my life, including my health care!

Let’s put my life decisions in the hands of a soulless bureaucrat, not just my transportation options. Thanks government!!!