Map of 10 Vulnerable Democrat Seats for 2014

I know it seems like a long time away, but the 2014 election will be here before we know it.

We have an excellent opportunity to take back the Senate and severely hamstring Obama’s statist schemes for the last 2 years of his 2nd term. We need to take 6 seats currently held by Democrats, and they have many more seats up for election in 2014 than Republicans do.

Here are the targets*:

IF YOU HAPPEN TO LIVE IN ONE OF THESE STATES: Please keep a close tabs on the Senator named above. We lost elections in 2012 merely because the media scrutinizes every sentence a Republican utters, but gives a free pass to Democrats.

If you see or hear anything that might be potentially damaging to the election of one of these Senators in 2014, please let me know!!

Also keep in mind that these senators know they are vulnerable, and contacting them via phone, email, or mail will persuade their voting on important bills more than it will other democrats.

Analysis of races by Dustin Hawkins

*inspired by Sarah Palin