Media Bias

FLASHBACK! How Liberal Hypocrites Used Dubya’s Daughters, and Insulted his Mother, to Bash The Prez!

Ever since Wednesday when the National Rifle Association released their commercial calling President Obama an elitist and a hypocrite for having his daughters protected with armed guards while trying to take away our rights to defend ourselves, the liberal world has swooned with indignation and disgust!

How dare the NRA exploit the president’s children for their political agenda?!?! Don’t they know he’s a Democrat and this is outlawed?!

Only Republicans’ children can be used to embarrass and ridicule them, everyone knows that!

Take, for instance, how liberals used any inkling of ill behavior by George W. Bush’s daughters to mock and deride him!

As early as 2001, Debbie Schlussel noted the weird obsession the press had with mocking Dubya’s daughters:

The press ought to be ashamed. Their perverted coverage of Jenna and Barbara Bush sounds like Playboy’s “Twin” issue and “Ivy League” edition packed into one.

Take the New York Daily News headline, “DOUBLE TROUBLE,” or New York Post’s “JENNA AND TONIC.” And there’s Newsweek’s June 11th issue, containing, “Busted Again in Margaritaville: The President’s Twins.”

At a Hollywood awards ceremony in 2001, actor Nathan Lane joked, We feel like the Bush twins at happy hour.”

Salon in the article, “President Dumbass” praised Comedy Central’s mockery of George Bush, but lamented that they weren’t allowed to have his daughters have an incestual lesbian relationship!

One sitcom cliché missing from “That’s My Bush,” though, is the brood of adorable, mischievous kids. Comedy Central ordered Parker and Stone to drop their planned portrayal of Bush twins Jenna and Barbara as sexy lesbian lovers.

In 2006, ABC NEWS reported unfounded and unsubstantiated rumors about the Bush girls being kicked out of Argentina.

Based on these rumors, execrable chandelier idiot Kieth Olbermann gave a springboard to Mo Rocca to make even further mocking accusations:

ROCCA: Look, we have to remember the expression running around in a hotel naked in Argentina is an example of magical realism, a technique that‘s common in Argentinean literature and journalism. The translation here is they were running around topless. It is simply that. The same press account said that Jenna, the blonde one, was so beautiful that she exploded into flames of fire. Now, granted they were drinking a lot, so they were highly flammable perhaps, but this is hyperbole.

Can they get any more disgusting? Of course they can, they’re liberals!

ROCCA: You know, I would say that-let me also clarify that this sighting you‘re talking about on Galker, it did say, and I have it right here, that Barbara Bush was sucking down oysters and making out with some guy. This is actually in reference to former first lady Barbara Bush. Right, and we should remember that oysters, of course, are an aphrodisiac, especially after a couple of vodka stingers.

So they’re using the Bush daughters to mock George Bush, who was president at the time, and his mother.

Yeah, his mom.

In 2008, Liberal Gutter-Site, Wonkette implied some incestual relationship between Dubya and his daughter Jenna based on the fact that they danced to what they describe as “Creepy yacht-rock fuck ballad ‘You Are So Beautiful’ “ at her wedding. 

But that’s all okay. Because these are horrid, evil Republicans.

Back to the NRA story, there was even an official response from the White House, as Jay Carney called the NRA “repugnant and cowardly,” and that the President’s daughters shouldn’t be used as “pawns in a political fight.”  

That’s absolutely right!

Just like Arianna Huffington would have NEVER attacked George W. Bush as hypocrites by way of using his brother Jeb’s daughter as a pawn in a political fight.

Oh wait…

I feel nothing but sympathy and concern for Noelle Bush. Her latest stumble on the rocky road to recovery — being caught with crack cocaine at a drug rehab center — shows that she is in desperate need of help.

But when I think about the heartless stance the governor has taken toward the drug problems of those less fortunate and well connected than his daughter, my empathy turns to outrage.

If America’s drug laws were applied consistently, Jeb Bush and his family would be evicted from their publicly funded digs… the rich and powerful are judged by a very different set of rules.

Wait, doesn’t it sound like Arianna is slamming former President George Bush for being an “elitist hypocrite” based on his brother’s actions to protect his daughter?

Just for extra measure, remember when John Kerry, who went to Vietnam, made sure to repeat twice the sexual preference of Dick Chaney’s daughter in a presidential debate, in order to try to pare off some conservative votes for Bush?

That was just brilliant statesmanship!!

He’s gonna be our Secretary of State, by the way!

Yeah. Those Republicans sure are hypocritical, unlike those morally upright liberals.