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Al-Qaeda-Linked Terrorists in Algeria Sought Blind Sheik Release That Ayman Al Zawahiri Commanded Weeks Before Benghazi

This Algeria Hostage Crisis potentially ties up a lot of loose ends from Benghazi and the Cairo protests, if we observe one key link between all these events – that is the brother of Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Muhammed Al-Zawahiri.

This is very important, and I think there is strong evidence now to suggest a connection between all these terrorist events.

Via the Times of News:

Today Mohammed al Zawahiri, the younger brother of al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri, helped organize another protest in front of a Western embassy. This time he was protesting the French invasion of Mali, in front of France’s embassy in Cairo. You’ll recall that he was one of the several al Qaeda-linked jihadists who orchestrated the Sept. 11, 2012 protest at the US Embassy in Cairo. He’s big on protests.

During today’s festivities, according to Agence France Presse, the protesters said that France was “at war against Islam” because of its intervention in Mali. Of course, France is targeting the al Qaeda-linked coalition of jihadist groups that has seized northern Mali — not Islam itself.

An account in yesterday’s Egypt Independent says that today’s protest was planned by the Salafi Jihadist Movement in Egypt and identifies Mohammed al Zawahiri as a “leader” of the movement.

The younger Zawahiri told the Egypt Independent that the “Islamic Alliance to halt injustice in Egypt” would participate in the protest. The alliance “includes Al-Taefa Al-Mansoura (The Victorious Sect) in Cairo, Ansar al-Sharia in Alexandria and Dawat al-Morsaleen (Prophets’ message) in Beni Suef.”

Mohammed al Zawahiri also said, according to Egypt Independent’s summary, that the protest was intended “to draw attention to what he said was the injustice of France against Mali and to ask the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to provide aid to Mali and condemn France’s position.

Egypt Independent’s account continues:

Zawahiri warned against what he called repeated attacks by Europeans on Muslims and the interference in their internal affairs. He described the French military action as “threatening of the return of French colonialism on Arab and Islamic peoples.”

The younger Zawahiri did not say anything, of course, about the al Qaeda coalition’s destruction of Sufi shrines, mosques, and other Muslim property in Mali over the past year. That didn’t warrant a protest.

Somewhere his older brother, Ayman, must be smiling.

Luckily, the Egyptian government sent en enormous contingent of police to keep the peace, and they were largely successful.

But the question remains – did Mohammed  Al Zawahiri help organize the attack on Benghazi in addition to the protest in Cairo? And despite the media protesting that the bandits who struck in Algeria were only vaguely attached to Al-Qaeda, is there any reason to suspect that Muhammed Al Zawahiri planned that as well?

The key here is really the Blind Sheik, who is in prison in America for planning the first attack on the twin towers. 

In the weeks before the second 9/11 attacks, Ayman Al Zawahiri was calling on Muslims to kidnap foreigners in order to secure his release.

Then his brother was implicated in the protest at Cairo which precipitated the attack at Benghazi.

Some have opined that the true intent of the attack was to capture hostages in order to demand the release of the Blind Sheik.

Now, his brother appears again at a protest in Cairo after an attack in Algeria, where the Al-Qaeda affiliated bandits specifically called for the release of the Blind Sheik after having taking hostage foreigners, including Americans.

Is this all a coincidence?

And what’s more – do we have the kind of administration that would seriously even look into this connection, or just pass it off as caused by a youtube video?