Foreign Policy

Hillary Clinton’s Laughter At Benghazi Hearing, After Feigning Tears

I find it very hard to believe Hillary Clinton when she so easily laughs in praise of herself after feigning emotion for those murdered at Benghazi. Especially when it’s clear she’s not being entirely forthcoming about what led to the lax security at our embassy, and the death of four Americans.

You can’t know this kind of thing, but I think it was all made up for show. How else can anyone explain the weird and shrill screeching she made when pressed on why the State Department lied about Benghazi for so long?

“What difference does it make?!”

For one, it makes a difference if you don’t know what the motives are of the murderers who killed 4 Americans. She wants us to believe they’re sincerely seeking after them without understanding their reasoning for the attack?

And finally, it matters because a government shouldn’t be lying to it’s citizens when it’s attacked.

But you won’t see any of that in the media – you’ll just see her tears, and not her laughing at us all behind our backs.