“No Applause On The Senate Floor” – For Rand Paul Anyway, Clap Away If You’re a Democrat

While the epic and amazing filibuster from Rand Paul last night revived many conservatives and gave us new hope for our movement, there was a strange moment after he finally gave in:

If you were listening, it was actually rather loud, and the president of the Senate was very insistent that people shut up with their applause for Rand Paul.


Well, who cares? As long as they apply the rule fairly to Democrats and Republicans alike, right?

Except for a bipartisan bill like Obamacare? Why not?

Also except for Hillary Clinton, because well… she carpetbagged that New York Senate seat, fair and square…

Oh, also, here’s a video of women’s swimming rights’ advocate Ted Kennedy, who received tons of applause after returning to the Senate. That’s ok, because the Kennedys are royalty in our pseudo-constitutional monarchy, so…

Oh and there’s also the applause when John Kerry was sworn in as State Department Secretary – that doesn’t count because he lied and smeared Americans who fought in the Vietnam War, so he’s exempted:

  Here’s video of the dim-witted clown Al Franken receiving a very long applause from the Senate floor from similarly dim-witted democrat clowns, if you can stand it:

And also exempted is Barbara Boxer when urging US sovereignty be eroded under the guise of global feminist laws:


To be fair, I found once instance where a liberal applause was told to quiet down, after the scam bill misnomered as the “Violence Against Women Act” passed.

And going way back to 1996, Bob Dole retired from the Senate to run for president, and got some light applause without any correction.

Still, it’s striking how many examples there are of liberal causes receiving applause, when Rand Paul’s pretty amazing filibuster feat got immediately clamped down from any applause at all.