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Sorry Global Warmists!! Liberal Thinktank’s Stats Show Decline in Natural Disasters for 2012

brookings-disasterThe Brookings Institute recently published a report on the disasters of 2012 to very little fanfare. Currently under their hashtag #disaster2012, there are only 23 tweets in five days. Why so glum, liberals?

Perhaps it’s because despite the insane rantings of the religiously zealous adherents to Al Gore’s Gaia-worshipping eco-religion that have been warning of the looming global warming apocalypse, many of the metrics they published showed a decided downturn in the effects of natural disasters.

Let’s take a look!

In a chart comparing statistics from 2012 to 2011, 2010 and the average of the decade previous, six different indicators were used to measure the effect of disasters on mother gaia. She seems to be doin’ ok.



While there was a huge spike in 2011 due to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, damages from natural disasters were down 3.5% from the decade previous in 2012, while overall losses dropped 3%. Maybe we were too busy panicking about global warming to actually cause it?



The number of actual disasters also decreased a whopping 25% from 2010, and 22% from the decade average.

I have to take credit for this one, since I switched from paper grocery bags to plastic. You’re welcome, planet!!

What the Brookings Institute labeled as “natural catastrophes” also saw a decrease of 6% from 2010.



Finally, the metric most severely showing a drop was that measuring fatalities. Even with the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, there was a 97% drop in fatalities from 2010, and a 92% drop as compared to the decade average.

I also recycle all my aluminum beer-cans, which are plentiful, so I’ll have to take credit for this one too.

When we compare the numbers of persons affected by natural disasters, see a 69% drop from 2010, and 60% drop from the decade average.


Now we have to admit there are many reasons why this is so other than simply the severity and frequency of natural disasters – we could merely have gotten better at preparing for such disasters. Still, it should give global warming zealouts some pause to see these stats from their own liberal thinktank.

I’m pretty sure we’re all gonna die from global warming any time soon however. I heard it on Al Gore’s Al-Jazeera owned liberal cable network.

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