Gif of Bombing Suspect Fits Missing Brown University Student Sunil Tripathi; Student’s Friend Confirms

UPDATE: Early on the morning of Friday, April 19th, someone created this gif showing the similarity between a missing student Sunil Tripathi, and one of the suspects in the bombing of Boston. It has seen been discovered that this person does not have anything to do with the case. My apologies to his family.

I had also posted tweets from one of Suni’s friends who had confirmed his similarity to the suspects. These tweets have been deleted, but their addresses are as follows:





From the article:

Sunil is gone. He’s not where he’s supposed to be. But going into hiding, planning a highly-publicized suicide, being in the throes of a nervous breakdown—whichever—this is certainly not a missing persons case in the sense that the public has come to understand them: An

However, if this report is true, then all of the above is incorrect: