12 Government Offices Tweeting in Support of a Holiday Co-Founded by a Psycho Murderer

While we’re facing furloughs in a sequester crisis that threatens to envelope the world in an all-encompassing tempest of budget cut nuclear radiation. Luckily, our government offices are tweeting about Earth Day. So that’s a great use of tax money.

And what are they supporting? Here’s my graphic from last year about the secret bloody history of Earth Day!

Good to focus on this rather than Benghazi. Also the only species I care about losing would be whatever produces bacon. Whatever that animal is.

Who needs to save energy for their foreclosed homes?

Yes. The global reach of the Navy has to do with securing the world by shooting pendejos. Let’s keep it that way.

Or, alternately, you could be teaching kids math and reading. I dunno. Consider it an option….

I have nothing snarky to say. People should enjoy parks. Except on Murderous Eco-Terrorist Day. 

Wait.. seriously?!? The TREASURY’s “green initiatives”?! You have a gaping hole of debt that threatens to destroy the world, and you’re worried about recycling?!?

Bike smart? I’d rather drive stupid. A car driving stupidly will survive an encounter with a bike riding intelligently.

Now I’m really angry – how dare NASA misappropriate time that should be spent on Muslim outreach?!?! Islamaphobes!!

I’d rather you shoot terrorists, Air Force. Thanks.

NOAA apparently is over the ridiculous scandal where they were extorting money from fisherman and wasting it on their luxury vacations.

Thanks, I can google that crap myself, US Army. Now please go shoot terrorists.

Ok I have to admit this quote is kinda cool.

Eco-terrorist day still sucks though.