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Liberals Blaming Oklahoma Tornado on Global Warming Ignore Record Low Tornado Activity


Liberals rush to capitalize on Oklahoma tornado tragedy, but in a report from NOAA just this month, tornado activity is at an all time record low, despite the supposed disastrous effects of anthropogenic global warming.

While reports come in from Oklahoma of the families devastated by a terrible tornado strike, those filthy liberals just can’t wait to wag their fingers at conservatives while dancing on victims’ graves:






This includes politicians of course, who are much too eager to beat their opponents over the head with corpses in order to push their statist agenda, like the dishonorable Democrat Rhode Island Senator Whitehouse.

However, they ignore the fact that tornado activity is an all-time record low, as reported by NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:

The past 12 months not only broke the previous record, it blew the old record away. During the past 12 months, merely 197 tornadoes struck the United States. Prior to this past year, the fewest tornadoes striking the United States during a 12-month period occurred from June 1991 through July 1992, when 247 tornadoes occurred.

So tornado activity is down by 20% in the last 12 months, lower than any other period measured, but liberals still want to blame global warming.

In fact, I posted a month ago on a disaster report by the leftist Brookings Institute showing that most indicators they measured for disaster events were decreasing. Here’s an example:

When we compare the numbers of persons affected by natural disasters, see a 69% drop from 2010, and 60% drop from the decade average.


This is very much like the gun debate, where emotional feelings-based liberals react to one terrible event and ignore the overwhelming evidence that statistically, these events are decreasing in severity and frequency.

Finally… global warming will keep us from turning into zombies! It’s true!!!


I found these pretty despicable tweets from an avowed Obama supporter, laughing at the dead in Oklahoma, especially the white people who don’t believe in global warming:



Also, there was the creator from “the Daily Show” who was disgusting enough to make a joke about the victims too. Stay classy, liberals!