IRS Scandal Official Lois Lerner Served With Papers From True The Vote Lawsuit

Lois Lerner is not having a great start to this Memorial Day weekend…

As the official in the middle of the storm around the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups, she has been put on administrative leave after pleading her fifth amendment privilege when testifying before congress. Unfortunately for her, the manner in which she did so actually means she waived her rights, and may be called before the hearing again.

Finally, this morning Lerner was served in a lawsuit from True the Vote. Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of the anti-voter fraud organization, has stated repeatedly that they were targeted and harassed by the IRS while seeking non-profit status.

Poor Lois!!


Hopefully the media and legal pressure will force Lois Lerner to say exactly what happened, and whether the administration had any culpability in the targeting of conservative groups during the election.

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