Racist Markos Moulitsas’ Post Assumes All Latinos Are Illegal



Oh Markos Moronlitsas, how many times have you accused conservatives of assuming all Latinos are illegal, and then you run and do it yourself? In a world where reason reigns, this would be hypocrisy, but not on Daily Kos, the liberal website for dim-witted troglodytes.

The first one would prevent Obama from giving welfare benefits to these immigrants, the second requires immigrants to do what everyone else already has to do, the third prevents these tax-paying immigrants (see demand #2) from getting the benefits their taxes are paying for, and the fourth denies these immigrants a benefit of the work they’ve provided.

and continues:

 They are punitive for the sake of being punitive.

Except in the headline, Mensolitsas identifies the Latinos being punished as the same ones who the Republicans want to court for their vote. Wow, that’s kinda racist to assume that ALL Latinos are illegal, and that all illegals are Latino! Good job, dumbass!

This comes on the heels of those other liberal morons at Mother Jones posting an article affirming that African Americans rape, murder and commit pedophilia more than everyone else! Not only that, but they’re worried they won’t get enough welfare!!!

Can’t wait for what else the left comes up with!!!