The Unbearable Whiteness of Netroots Nation 2013

The leftist lapdog media has always gone out of their way to make the Tea Party appear to be exclusively white, even to the extent of editing out the image of a black man at a Tea Party rally. This just makes it even more fun and enjoyable when liberal white guilt and minority liberals despise the overwhelming whiteness of their own conferences.

Here are some moments of schadenfreude zen from this weekend’s Netroots Nation conference:

So sad. Thank goodness some liberals aren’t dumb enough to get arrested for enviro-fascism.

So much anxiety!

  They really should bring out the whips and self-flagellate:

Haahaahaha!!! Lack of diversity is so funny!! Except it’s HITLER at Tea Party rallies!


And here are white people on parade at Netroots:

Whine whine whine:

  Oh no! Shutting out diversity?!?!



Don’t worry liberals! A hashtag will save you from the appearance of racism!!


Oh. Well. Maybe not so much. Nice try, Edric. Monique is not impressed!!!

The fact of the matter is that whites are still an overwhelming majority in this country. Whenever there is a group that has anything near a representative number of whites and minorities, it’s going to appear to have a lot of whites. So what?

My only point is to show the ridiculous hypocrisy of the media and liberals to whine that the Tea Party is racist simply based on the appearance of absence of minorities, when there’s plenty of evidence that the liberal left has the same problem.

Also, they can’t spell: